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2020 award winners are (front, l-r) volunteers of the year Linda Akins and Hedy Cauthen; businesspersons of the year Letha and Jimmy Henry; (back, l-r) STAR student and teacher Chaz Martinez and Dr. Michael Drake; Britton Cauthen firefighter of the year Tim Jones; law enforcement officer of the year Kathryn Knapp; career woman of the year Catina Carter and citizen of the year Andy Bush.

Updated: And the winners are....

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Convicted killers Cameron Jones (left) and Keira Williams. (File)

Updated: Killers of Barnesville man get long prison terms

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Jennifer Taylor and her grandson James marvel at one of the Summers Field Park sinkholes. (Photo: Rachel McDaniel)

Heavy rains cause sinkholes at Summers Field Park

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Cory Young looks to his coaches for instructions during Saturday's title match. (Photo: Walter Geiger)

Young makes LC history

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Updated: Let your light shine

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Rocky Steven White

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Police report

Latest Crime and Arrests:
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